Best ATV Helmets

For all the ATV owners out there, it’s very important to keep some things that will work best while you are driving. There should be no questions for things like getting a helmet that will protect you. Anything can happen in the wild and the way the ATVs are driven, it heightens up the chances. The riders of the dirt bikes stay precautious as that’s a two-wheeler and if you are not highly attentive, it can easily toss you up. Getting the 4 wheels and way more stable, this vehicle gets a lot of abuse and it becomes necessary for you to find one of the best ATV helmets for yourself now. 

It can be a very tiring job and to keep you away from all the hassle, we are providing you with some handpicked helmets that are not only the best in class but you will also find them quite budget-friendly. Though we are here to help you in making the decision, you should only pick the helmet if it fits you and your requirements. We will provide a buying guide in the latter part of the review. 

1.     Bafire ATV Helmet

If you are looking for a very affordable option that can check almost all the boxes and give you comfortable riding experience. There are various sizes that you will be able to find and it will also have the DOT certification. The brand believes in ensuring the safety of people and that’s the reason, even offering the helmet at affordable pricing, it gives the safety certification. 

The design of the helmet is also modern and you will get in only in a single color option, grey. The cushioning that is provided by AHR is also very good and will absorb all the force and jerk coming in its way.The helmet also checks the ventilation and you will be able to wear it for a longer period without any hesitation. With proper ventilation systems put in place, the helmet is also pretty lightweight and the liner that is used will also be quite comfortable. 

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2.     Offroad ATV Helmet

Having the ABS plastic used in the construction of this helmet, this one also checks all the boxes that will need to make sure it’s safe. The EPS lining on this helmet is also quite sturdy and you will be able to ride without any stress. The cushioning used in this helmet will be able to absorb all the incoming force in case of falling or an accident. You must know that the helmet you are investing in has all types of safety certifications passed and Yema ensures that you get it without investing a heavy chunk of money. 

The design of the helmet is quite modern and the matte finish will give it a quite premium look. Not only by the look, but the helmet is also the very safest option when it comes to getting a comfortable riding experience. The helmet has various pros and one of them is that you will be able to get the safety certification that’s highly needed while riding any off-road vehicle in the wild. This helmet also makes sure that you get a very airy feel and don’t get sweat running up. 

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3.     GP Motor Knight ATV Helmet

This is simply one of the best ATV helmets that you can invest in blindly and you will not regret the decision. Not only in terms of features, but you will also be able to get a very good design language out of these helmets. The brand has put the rider’s safety on top priority where you will be able to get all the boxes checked that are needed to make sure it’s up to the safety standards and you can wear it for long hours. 

When you are riding an ATV or any vehicle for that matter, if you are not feeling comfortable, you won’t be able to drive it in a controlled manner. However, if you have all the skills that one needs, still you will abuse the vehicle while driving in the wild. Just like the perfect set of tires, you will also need a perfect helmet to make sure you are safe. There are no distracting features on this Core MX-1 helmet and that’s the reason it can be considered best for the beginners. If you are a professional, you can go for any other premium option that is listed in this review. 

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4.     CAPACETE ATV Helmet

This helmet comes with a range of features and the biggest advantage that it has is it is full-face covering helmet. This will be the best option to choose for the people who are looking for proper safety, individuality, and a good level of security. There are various options available in this price segment and this one from HJC turned out to be the best. 

Talking about the certification, the helmet will provide you the DOT and Snell safety ratings and the cushioning provided by the helmet will give you the best jerk absorption. The helmet will come with a face shield that will allow you to wear it on the roads as well. It is also added to the list of some best ATV helmets for its wide range of colour options to choose from. There is one thing that you should note is that only the larger size ones are certified by Snell and the smaller size variants are only DOT-approved. The interior of the helmet is also pretty good and you will be able to clean it thoroughly. 

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5.     Shop4639077 Store Motocross ATV Helmet

This helmet’s design makes it stand out and you will get a very cool and modern-looking blue and pink color design. The brand markets the blue and pink ones as men’s and women’s respectively. The package will include gloves and a goggle set of the same colour theme. It will give you a complete look where you will be able to get the perfectly sized helmet according to your head. 

The cushioning that is used in this helmet will also easily adapt to the shape of your head and you will also get a good amount of ventilation. The brand understands the importance of giving you a comfortable riding experience where you don’t sweat much and are able to drive smoothly. 

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6.     Capacete ATV Helmet

This one goes to the top of the line where you will get a range of features to help you with riding. You must be able to feel extremely comfortable so that you can drive with full attention in the wild. The helmet is a very important aspect of riding and you should be able to keep yourself ventilated throughout the riding. 

The helmet comes with a very sleek design that is also a quiet ergonomic feel. There are various vents throughout the helmet and you will also get a transitioning lens. Though the helmet is quite lightweight, it gives you a promising grip and conformation on cheeks and ears. It will also help you in reducing the noise levels too. 

This is the helmet you will need to choose when the price is no bar and all you need is the utmost quality and comfort. This helmet will also be the best choice for riding your bike on the road. There is one thing that you should note and that’s you will not get any accessories in the package.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying The ATV Helmet:

Quality and comfort

This is the most important aspect of the helmet you are investing in. If the helmet you bought isn’t going to give you a comfortable fit, it can end up being quite dangerous while you are out there in the wild. The quality of the helmet shouldn’t also be compromised and you must keep it at the top priority. There is one quality issue that you should keep in check and that’s the helmet should be going over your ears but not touching it to avoid any sores. 

Safety ratings

The government is aware of everyone’s safety and that’s the reason there is a certification system put in place and you should buy the only helmets that come with it. When it comes to the standards, there are DOT and Snell that are being used. Out of them, Snell is considered as stricter and if the helmet you are getting comes with a face shield, it should also be certified as safe. The best ATV helmets should come with VESC-8 or ANSI Z-87 certification. 

Correct fit

While buying a helmet for yourself or your kid, there is one thing that you should note and that it fits snug on the head without causing any irritation. There is no set standard of the size and it will depend on the brand how they are labelling it. You should check individually while finalizing the helmet. There are various types of helmets, e.g., open-face, full face, off-road, modular helmet, etc. You should check which one suit you better and you are comfortable in it even for long hours. 


The helmet you are buying should be able to absorb all the jerk and shock you are going to face in case of an accident. It is majorly known as EPS lining which will basically be a firm cushion that will absorb all the force. If you are going to get the helmet that comes with the chin support, make sure that the EPS lining runs through that as well.