Best Flat Iron for Beach Waves

Hairstyling is becoming one of the priorities and it would be so much better if you get just that perfect flat iron to do it all by yourself. If you are already in the market looking for one, then you don’t have to worry at all, you have landed in a perfect place. The flat irons that we are going to discuss here aren’t just the perfect fit to straighten your hair but you will also be able to find them as the best flat iron for beach waves. We are including the best flat irons and you will also find the detailed pros and cons alongside the reviews that will help you further in deciding the one to buy. 

There’s one thing to know that not all the flat irons are perfect for all types of hair and it’s very important for you to choose the one that fits you. If you are not familiar with the term beachy waves/beach waves, this is a hairstyle where you put your hair in a very cute messy curly situation. This hairstyle is considered the perfect go-to for any casual outing and even for a range of events. 

1.     Kinfo Timer Flat Iron

This hair styling tool comes with a very advanced technology that will not be very heavy on your pocket as well. This flat iron is capable of giving very good long-lasting results by also keeping the natural moisture intact. In the package, you will also find a glove that will protect your hand from burning in any case. You will also find the heat settings to be adjustable according to you. It will help you significantly in keeping the combining time low and it also comes with a universal adapter that allows you to connect it anywhere around the world. 

It is also considered the best flat iron for beach waves because of the very affordable pricing and its smooth working in a range of voltage varying from 110v to 220v. It is also equipped with ceramic plates where there are 8 micro-sensors present to disperse heat. The flat iron also comes with adjustable heat settings where you will be able to set accordingly, ranging from 140-degrees to all the way up to 450-degrees. This range will allow you to use it on any hair type. 

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2.     Ceramic Flat Iron

Not only by the look, but this flat iron also gives a very good range of functionality. The brand is in the market for very long and has maintained its quality. This flat iron is a completely professional design and you will find it in almost all the salons. For a smooth functionality, this device comes with titanium-ceramic plating and it allows it to be very durable. 

There is also an LCD screen where you will get color-coded temperature readings. You will be able to set the heat according to your hair type. In this flat iron, the temperature also goes all the way up to 425-degrees. This hair-styling device will also be operational on dual-voltage. The titanium present on the plates will make sure that your hair isn’t losing any silky sheen. It is also added in one of the best flat iron for beach waves as the heating speed is also pretty fast, thanks to the titanium-ceramic plates. Chi G2 not only gives the functionality to curl, but you will also be able to straighten your hair quite easily. 

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3.     eFun Beauty Flat Iron

If you want the best of both worlds, this will be the perfect fit for you. This flat iron from Remington is a very affordable option for you. It will be feature-packed and you will get highly professional results out of it. As far as you are concerned about the additional features of straightening and flipping, you will get those too as well. The primary reason for adding it to the list of best flat iron for beach waves is actually the value for money that it has to offer. 

There is no need to worry for those who have thick-haired as it is capable of curling and managing them very easily. The titanium-ceramic plating of this flat iron helps in even distribution of the heat. The titanium factor will help in increasing the heat and ceramic will distribute it in an even manner. The ionic technology used in this tool helps a lot in restraining your hair from getting damaged as it will emit a good number of negative ions in keeping the heat from burning the strands. This flat iron will maintain the moisture of your hair and it will be significantly helpful in keeping your hair intact in the long run. 

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4.     Kera Vit Purple Flat Iron

It’s generally the case with all the people who have fine/thin hair that they are not able to find the perfect hair-styling tool that can do the job without damaging the hair. The only reason that this one hasn’t gained the position in the top 3 is that just like the above ones, it also doesn’t have any IR emission tech. Though this technology has no specific use for the people having fine hair, it’s definitely a very good feature to have, especially in this price segment. 

Apart from this, this flat iron is feature-loaded and will serve all your needs. The ceramic tourmaline plates present on this flat iron gives it the professional level functionality. The instant heating within 15 seconds definitely takes it in an doubtful consideration of being the best flat iron for beach waves. The pricing is also done very aggressively where anyone will be able to afford it very easily. The plates will recover the lost heat and will allow you to keep the temperatures very uniform. 

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5.     LeeOns Professional Flat Iron

This tool is said and considered to be the best for those who are having thin hair. This flat iron is capable of giving you the perfect beach waves along with all the additional features such as straightening and flipping. The features present on this hair-styling tool provide you with a wide range of features and it completely justifies the hefty price tag that it comes with. The plates that are present on this flat iron will come in the ceramic-tourmaline coating. These plates will also make sure that your hair strands get easily through them and it will definitely not let your hair damage in any way. 

This flat iron is also equipped with ionic technology where you will also get infrared emission. This setup will allow you to maintain the natural moisture and give you very shiny and smooth results. There are multiple settings available on this tool where you will get to set the temperature according to your requirements. The iron will get heated up in a mere 60 seconds where you won’t have to wait for very long to style your hair. Apart from the price point, it’s definitely the best flat iron for beach waves you can buy for yourself. 

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6.     Infrared Flat Iron

This one is the biggest game-changer that we have seen in the hair-styling industry and it never had disappointment in terms of usage and functionality. Along with a very clean lineup of products, this is the newest addition and you will instantly feel the premium quality as soon as you take them in your hands. This tool will allow you to experiment with many hairstyles all by yourself. The materials used in this device are top-notch and you will not get to complain about anything at all. 

As the temperature is highly adjustable, you will get to straighten/curl the thick hair. This device also comes with the infrared emission that will make sure you don’t get your hair damaged in any way. There will also be ionic technology put to use where the flat iron will keep the natural moisture of your hair intact and provide you very good results. Here are some pros and cons you need to go through before making the purchase. 

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Get the Best Flat Iron by Considering this Short Guide

Hair type

It is the most important aspect while getting any product that is going to be in direct contact with your hair. The hair types are generally classified into two types, thick and thin. Both of these hair types need a very different type of care and treatment to give you that perfect style you want.

Plate material

It’s not any rocket science to find out that the thin hair is more likely to get damaged when exposed to wrong plates. If you have thin hair, we highly recommend you getting the flat iron that comes with ceramic, ceramic tourmaline, porcelain/Nano ceramic plates. For those who have thick hair, our recommendations include titanium ceramic, titanium tourmaline, Nano titanium, etc. These plates will allow you to have instant heating and it will also last for a long time. 

Hair length

The length of your hair also matters a lot when it comes to getting a flat iron. If your hair falls under the medium to short length category, it’s advised to get a plate size of 1-inch or lesser. It will give much more definition to the curls. For those who have longer hair, the width size is more than 1-inch because it will take much longer to get your hair styled with a narrower plate.